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Dry Bed (Vet Bed) - Greenback Purple Geometric

Dry Bed (Vet Bed) - Greenback Purple Geometric

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Dry (Vet) Bed with Green Backing, is a warm, safe and hygienic (Non-irritant, non allergenic, non toxic) bedding for you pets. Ideal for whelping, elderly and infirm pet. It is an absorbent , breathable fabric that draws moisture away from your pets to ensure they are kept warm and dry.

Premium Quality English Dry (Vet) Bed

Suitable for use in Kennels, creates, whelping boxes, home and office

Features & Benefits

  • 26mm deep pile with 1800 GLM (grams per lineal meter)
  • Lineal Meter - Bedding width is 1.54m (backed area) 1.6m wide in total
  • Double cross woven which makes it hard for your pet to rip up ensuring a longer lasting bed
  • Non-allergenic, non-toxic, non-irritant and does not support bacterial growth, fleas etc.
  • It is hypoallergenic and is suitable for use with all animals and even animals/people who suffer with allergies
  • Vetbed is hygienic due to the way it is produced - interwoven with no ability for any dirt to stay trapped in the fabric thereby producing a clean product after every wash
  • Whelping puppies or kittens where hygiene, warmth, comfort and security are vital - Keep your Babies dry for extended periods - liquids pass through our Vet/Dry bed. (can put news paper, cloth, Towels or paper towel underneath to soak up the liquid)

    Care instructions | Machine or hand wash with a maximum water temperature of 40 degrees celsius.

    Sizing |

    • Small - 500 x 380mm
    • Medium - 500 x 770mm
    • Large - 1000 x 770mm
    • XL - 1000 x 1540mm (Lineal Meter)
    • XXL - 1500 x 1540mm
    • 3XL - 2000 x 1540mm (Flick us a message to check availability)
    • 4XL - 3000 x 1540mm (Flick us a message to check availability)
    • 5XL - 5000 x 1540mm (Flick us a message to check availability)

    * As we cut this to size of large rolls this item does not come with any packaging due to this *

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