Collection: Overstimulated Dog Mums Club - Collaboration


Well, that sums us up pretty well! The Overstimulated Dog Mums Club is the ultimate brand for all the dog mums out there who are constantly juggling multiple roles and responsibilities. As dog mums, business owners, and full-time professionals, we know that caffeine and energy drinks have become essential for powering through our action-packed days. Balancing the demands of work, family, and the ever-energetic pups can leave us in a perpetual state of overstimulation.

That's why the Overstimulated Dog Mums Club brand was born. By pooling our skills and resources, we've curated a collection of products designed specifically for dog mums who are in need of a little extra comfort and convenience, all designed and created in NZ.

From cozy hoodies that let you snuggle up with your furry friends to stylish coffee mugs that keep you caffeinated throughout the day, we have the perfect items to enhance your dog mum experience.

female sitting on the floor in the sun wearing her overstimulated dog mums crew looking at her black dog