Collection: Dry Bed

Vet bedding also known as Dry bedding keeps pets warm and dry, retains body heat and reduces the risk of hypothermia. It even keeps your pet warm when used on concrete floors. Its special drainage and heat retaining qualities also make Vet Bed ideal for older dogs or those needing post operative care. They stay warm and dry despite any 'accidents'.

Ever had wet bedding, your pet had an accident come in wet from the rain and run straight to their bed or maybe you have Guinea pigs, mice, rats etc that have to toilet in their enclosure. Vet bed provides a unique drainage system which is in the woven backing.

The fabric is designed to ensure that it will wick away moisture keeping the top clean and dry for your pets.

Backing types

  • ​Green Backed - is the hardest wearing of the 2 backing types best type for your destructive chewers.
  • Rubber backed - is best for Travel Crates Trailers, Back Seat of car, Whelping boxes with a slippery base in them, Floor Rugs for wood/tiles.