Collection: Test Drive

Ever found yourself wishing you could try toys before you buy them for your picky dog? Well now you can

How does it work

First and foremost Get Registered (We can only send out toys to registered people - This is important) 

Find the toy/s you'd like to try, get to making memories playing, return it and repeat

    • Fee's

      • Rental $3.00 (Rental is 21 days from shipping confirmation date)
      • Late Fee's $1 per day
      • You must pay full price for the item at the time of rental, once toy is returned you will be refunded less rental fees 
      • If toys are returned damaged or in an unusable condition you will be charged full retail 
    • Condition's

      • You must be registered to burrow toys
      • All shipping is the responsibility of the burrower 
      • Toys being returned on time is the reasonability of the burrower 
      • Toys MUST be returned clean
      • All toys must be used under supervision
      • Slight damaged due to normal use is expected 
      • If hired toys have not been returned with two borrowing periods (42 days) you will be charged full price
      • We (Thorncombe Pet Supplies) reserve the right to deny any burrows registration / requests at any time 

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