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Tasty Bone Nylon Trio Peanut Butter

Tasty Bone Nylon Trio Peanut Butter

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It's triple the fun and very knobbly and comes with a 100 day guarantee. Made from 100% Virgin Nylon, tested on the most vigorous chewers, its guarantee to last. Uniquely infused with irresistible flavours right through the core, your dog will never get bored, as the flavour will last the life time of the bone. With every bite your dogs gums and teeth become stronger and healthier, protecting against infection and tooth loss. This bone has a lip smacking delicious Peanut Butter flavour.

Tasty bone uses human grade synthetic flavouring, herbs and spices, ensuring completely safe to chew on and suitable for dogs who may suffer from allergies or intolerances. No meat, dairy, wheat or additives, and Zero calorie's.

Ingredients - 100% Virgin Nylon, Synthetic Peanut Butter Flavouring

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