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FourFlax Canine Probiotics

FourFlax Canine Probiotics

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Nutritional Powder Supplement for Dogs

From our family to yours – Fourflax Probiotics supports optimum digestive health, bowel function, and freedom from upset tummies

This super blend of pre and probiotics helps to support a healthy balance of bacteria in the tummy. Rich in insoluble dietary fibre, it helps with constipation, stool consistency, sensitive tummies and anal gland issues. Packed full of targeted ingredients to build natural immunity, repair cells and make sure your dog is getting full absorption of nutrients and digestion of their food. Bowel balance for healthy tums and happy chums!

Key Benefits

  • This product supports your dog's digestive health and bowel function giving them freedom from stomach upsets. 
  • Includes prebiotics and probiotics to encourage the development of the beneficial gastro-intestinal microflora to maintain digestive health and stimulate the development of the natural immune system.
  • This product is ideal for dogs with poor bowel function, digestive upset and anal gland concerns.
  • Easy to administer simply sprinkle over your dog usual food once per day.

Ingredients | Flax seed fibre, oligofructose, Protexin multi-strain probiotic, NuPro neutraceutical containing nucleotides, CitriStim yeast mannan containing beta-glucans, natural antioxidant.

Feeding | Simply sprinkle over the food once per day. Feeding rates below are intended as a guide only:

Daily Feeding Recommendation (1tsp = 5g scoop enclosed):

  • Dogs under 10kg – 1 scoop per day
  • Dogs 10-20kg – 1½ scoops per day
  • Dogs 20-30kg – 2 scoops per day
  • Dogs over 30kg – 2½ scoops per day

Storage | Store in a cool, dark place out of direct sunlight. Once opened, use within 3 months

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