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Lickimat Classic Catser

Lickimat Classic Catser

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Introducing LickiMat Catster and Kitty – transforming feeding time for your feline companion! These mats simulate natural predatory behaviour, encouraging active feeding and reducing stress.

LickiMat Catster is perfect for adult cats, while Kitty is tailored for kittens and smaller cats, alleviating "whisker stress" and promoting relaxed feeding positions. With sections designed for licking, these mats extend mealtime enjoyment while promoting slow feeding and better digestion. Serve up there favourite treats, turning mealtime into an engaging experience.

Reduce anxiety and boredom with LickiMat's soothing effect, perfect for stressful situations. Plus, its versatile design accommodates raw, wet, dry, and liquid foods without mess.

Upgrade your cat's feeding routine with LickiMat – the ultimate solution for happy and healthy cats!

  • made from non-toxic food-grade TPR
  • 15 x 15 cm/ 6′′ x 6′′
  • suitable for all cats (supervise pet for first few uses)
  • freezer safe
  • microwave friendly
  • hand washable
  • no BPA, no PVC, no Silicone, no Phthalates
  • Recyclable
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