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Benebone Tripe Bone

Benebone Tripe Bone

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We know what you’re thinking — tripe stinks. That’s true, but with a bit of Benebone magic, your pup will dig it, and you won’t smell a thing! This squiggly chew is curved for a paw-friendly grip so your pup can quickly grab it and get a good chew going.

And as if the tripe flavour wasn't enough, the Tripe Bone includes pockets for an extra surprise! Stuff some peanut butter or cheese into the little pocket on the ends to keep your dog begging for more.

Flavour | Beef Tripe

The dog's weight is only a rough guide to sizing and cannot replace the monitoring of a dog’s chewing habits. When in doubt, choose the larger size chew toy for safety’s sake.

Made in the USA


  • Small | 122mm Long x 76mm Wide | suitable for dogs under 13kg
  • Medium | 144mm Long x 89m Wide | suitable for dogs under 27kg
  • Large | 154mm Long x 96mm Wide |suitable for dogs under 40kg
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