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Benebone Dental Chew

Benebone Dental Chew

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The Benebone dental chew toy is made of super-strong nylon and real peanut butter flavour. With patented ridges to keep your dog's teeth clean. Newly designed Benebone Dental Chews will have your pup begging to go to the dentist to show off his pearly whites.

Deep grooves allow dogs to get a good bite and increased surface area for improved scent and flavour.

Flavour | Peanut Butter

The dog's weight is only a rough guide to sizing and cannot replace the monitoring of a dog’s chewing habits. When in doubt, choose the larger size chew toy for safety’s sake.

Made in the USA


  • Small | 139mm Long x 89mm Wide | suitable for dogs under 13kg
  • Medium | 190mm Long x 111m Wide | suitable for dogs under 27kg
  • Large | 210mm Long x 114mm Wide |suitable for dogs under 40kg
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