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Aussie Dog Bungee Chook Heavy Duty

Aussie Dog Bungee Chook Heavy Duty

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The Aussie Dog Home Alone is the ultimate toy for dogs left unsupervised. Bored dogs quickly become destructive dogs so keep your best friend entertained while you are away with the Aussie Dog Home Alone. The bungee chook is designed for dogs that are more visually stimulated. Your best friend will love the look of it and the internal rattle keeps them entertained.

The unique design stimulates your best friends 5 natural senses of taste, smell, sound, sight and touch. This stimulation assists in reducing barking, boredom, destructive behaviour and separation anxiety.

The Aussie Dog Home Alone is available in a range of sizes based on your dog’s weight. This toy must be installed at the correct height to prevent the chance of injury, and needs to be set so your dog has to rear up on hind legs to grab it.


– Built to be tough and durable with quality materials
– reduces boredom and separation anxiety
– internal rattle for added excitement
– Made in Australia

SIZE | for dogs over 30kg

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